Voters lose confidence in government and opposition

A new opinion poll has provided food for thought for both Fredrik Reinfeldt and Mona Sahlin as voters lose confidence in the government and the opposition.

Some 36 percent of respondents in a Skop poll said the government was doing a very bad or a fairly bad job, up one percentage point on December figures.

42 percent said the government was doing a very good or quite a good job, which was 2 points lower than in December.

“It is the government’s lowest confidence balance since the parliamentary elections in 2006. The drop in confidence follows a downward trend that began more than six months ago,” said Skop analyst Birgitta HultÃ¥ker in a statement.

The news was not much better for the Social Democrats. When polled, 38 percent of respondents said a Social Democrat government would do a better job than the centre-right Alliance, down from 40 percent in December.

28 percent said a Social Democrat government would be worse, compared to 25 percent in December.

Skop’s poll is based on a survey of 1,000 people carried out from January 21st to February 7th.