Christian Democrat caught drug-driving

A politician from the Christian Democrat Party has quit his position after being arrested for driving his car while on drugs.

The politician, active in local politics in Värmland, was caught in a roadside check last week. He gave a urine sample which showed him to be under the influence of drugs. Police found 1.22 grams of amphetamines in his car. He was arrested on suspicion of drugs offences and driving under the influence of narcotics.

The man had a drug problem in the youth but claimed to have been drug-free for eight years. He had helped other people who were trying to stop using drugs.

He had been active in the Christian Democrat Party, a morally conservative party with roots in Sweden’s free churches, since last year. He quickly progressed up the ranks in local politics, becoming a senior local councillor.

Following his arrest the man is likely to lose both his job and his driving licence. In a letter on Thursday he resigned from both the Christian Democrat Party and from all political positions.

Dan Kihlström, local chairman of the Christian Democrats and member of parliament, said the first he knew about the incident was when he read about it in local media.

“I am naturally shocked and saddened. It is a tragedy for him and his family,” Kihlström said.