Hägglund wins abortion battle

Christian Democrat leader Göran Hägglund was given a ringing endorsement for his stance on abortion at a party conference in Sundsvall on Friday.

Hägglund wins abortion battle

For each proposal regarding possible changes to Sweden’s abortion laws, a show of hands was all that was needed to show that Hägglund had the majority of party members on his side.

According to Svenska Dagbladet, a total of 31 proposals touched on the abortion issue.

The Minister for Social Affairs angered many of his own party members earlier this year with a decision to allow foreign women to come to Sweden for abortions.

Hägglund has also rejected suggestions by party colleagues that the upper limit for abortions without special permission should be reduced from 18 weeks to 12 weeks.

“The Christian Democrats want to keep the 18-week limit for abortions. The outcome was clear and I hadn’t expected anything else.

“On point after point, the party board won. And I am pleased that we have got a decision that focuses not on bans and restrictions but on strong commitments and preventive measures in our work on reducing the numbers of unwanted pregnancies,” said Hägglund in a statement.

In an interview with Expressen, the party leader had indicated that he would resign if he lost the support of his party on such a central issue.