Politician banned for wearing ‘underpants’ to meeting

A local politican was shut out of a council meeting in southern Sweden after he turned up in what were described by another councillor as "tricot underpants".

The offending politician, a representative of the far-right Sweden Democrats on Landskrona Council, was wearing a tank top and a military jacket as well as what he himself describes as shorts.

This description of his attire was contested by Moderate Party councillor Gerd Bernström, chairman of the building committee, who said that they “could be described as tricot underpants.”

“I told him that I want appropriate dress at meetings of the municipality’s elected representatives,” Bernström told Helsingborgs Dagblad.

The paper asked the municipality’s counsel, Ulla Rosenkvist, whether the Sweden Democrat has broken any written rules. She said that after checking the archives she could not find an official dress code for council meetings.

“I’ve even looked in diaries and spoken with people who have worked here for many years,” she said.