Social Democrats ‘no more electable’ under Sahlin

Fewer than half of Social Democrat voters believe that new leader Mona Sahlin will make the party more electable, according to a new opinion poll.

Outgoing party leader and former prime minister Göran Persson was widely blamed for the party’s defeat in September’s election. Sahlin, a veteran minister, is the only candidate to succeed him later this week.

In the poll, carried out by Synovate Temo on behalf of TV8’s Adaktusson programme, 24 percent of supporters of all parties believed that the Social Democrats’ chances of winning will decrease under Sahlin. 30 percent believed she will make no difference.

Of Social Democrats, 44 percent thought there would be an improvement under Sahlin, 15 percent believed there would be a decline and 36 percent thought there would be no change.

Supporters of the Green party are most positive about Sahlin. Some 62 percent of Green voters believed that the Social Democrats will do better with Sahlin at the helm. Among supporters of the governing Moderate party, 38 percent believed that the Social Democrats will do worse under their new leader, with 34 percent thinking they will do better.

Pollsters interviewed 1009 people between 6th and 12th March.