Social Democrats gather momentum in polls

Support for Sweden's Social Democrats is at its highest level for almost four years.

The Social Democrats, the Green Party and the Left Party enjoy the combined support of 51.4 percent of those polled by Synovate Temo .

The four centre-right parties that make up the government could only achieve a total of 44.5 percent, Dagens Nyheter reports.

The individual parties recorded minor changes from last month, but a result of 41 percent represented the Social Democrats’ highest score since March 2003.

The most notable change was the rise in the number of uncertain voters. In December, 11.8 percent of respondents would not say which party they would vote for if there was an election today. In January that figure had increased to 14.6 percent.

Synovate Temo interviewed a total of 1,725 people between January 8th and 17th. This means that the survey was carried out before the Social Democrats’ nominating committee announced Mona Sahlin as its candidate to take over as party leader.

Party sympathies (%) for January 2007 (figures for December 2006 in parentheses)

Social Democrats 41.0 (+0.2)

Left Party 5.6 (-0.2)

Green Party 5.2 (-0,1)

Moderate Party 26.3 (-0.1)

Liberal Party 6.4 (+0.3)

Centre Party 6.9 (+0.2)

Christian Democrats 4.8 (-0.3)

Sweden Democrats 2.4 (+0.2)

Source: Synovate Temo/Dagens Nyheter